Welcome to Swedish Open 2021!


See registered players: https://tinyurl.com/schf2021


We are celebrating five years and are playing at Härnösand Arena!


We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations, and we will adapt to the recommendations that prevail in mid-August. They can be both stricter and freer than now, which means that registration is not binding on either party. IF there is a maximum ceiling on the number of participants, the principle ”first registered, first served” will apply, so sign up quickly!
Groups and playing days
You can only play in a double class and a single class. That is, you can not play both double amateur and 7-meter. But you can play, for example,  single  amateur and double elite if you want.
Amateur group
All happy amateurs, beginners and those who focus on the party are playing here. In this group we support and help each other during the matches. Here we play because it’s fun and the result is not so important.
Elite group
For those who want bigger challenges and play against the best. Here they play for both the great honor of being named Swedish champion in Cornhole and prize money based on the number of participants.

New for this year is that we have a 7-meter track. It is a board length shorter than the regular 8.23m (27ft). This class is aimed at young people up to the age of 15, 60+ who feel that the energy is not enough for full-length and parasporters.

Up to 12 years and plays on a course length of 5.80m (ie two board lengths shorter). Registration is free and  grocerystore Willys gives prizes to everyone.